Studio View, acrylic on canvas, 28"x48"


Treat yourself (or get someone to treat you) to an exciting weekend feeding your creative soul and tuning up your imaginative energy. Oh yeah, and have a ball!

This studio workshop will cover all aspects of the techniques I have developed over the years that are unique to my painting style. The course is for everyone who wants to have fun painting - regardless of prior experience. Learn how I do it and then we'll paint a lot. Expect to paint three or four pieces. The two-day workshop will be held in my studio in Two Rock Valley in Sonoma County (45 minutes north of the Golden Gate). The studio is in the barn on our 28-acre ranch, which we share with several head of cashmere goats and babydoll sheep (www.canvasranch.com).

Ten things you will learn about aqua medium.

  1. How a 3 1/2" paintbrush can set you free.
  2. The advantage of acrylic as a paint that can produce transparent, semi-opaque and opaque color with a single stroke.
  3. Some discoveries about Rembrandt’s painting and if only he had acrylics in his day.
  4. How do you paint wet on wet and not screw it up.
  5. Acrylic is not dangerous, you can push it around all you want.
  6. There is a secret about acrylic gel that some painters know, but only I know what brand to use that will make a painting goof-proof.
  7. How to think about your painting and not the tools.
  8. The professional stretch.
  9. Creating your own time and space.
  10. Why Matisse never erased a line, well almost never.
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